IoT Application Programming Interfaces

IoT Application Programming Interfaces

Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of requirements that describes how applications should communicate in a systematic manner.  APIs are important in the IoT world for the same reason that they are important in general – they provide a means of decoupling functionality from platforms.  In other words, one is not married to an IoT Platform with IoT APIs.

Beyond the direct relationship of functional IoT components, there are also other areas that distinguish the importance of APIs for IoT, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI).  AI will increasingly be used in conjunction with IoT as a means of adding value in many areas including Analytics, Security, and more.  For example, AI is a particularly important area for AI as a means for safeguarding assets, reducing fraud, and supporting analytics and automated decision making.

The nature of business in IoT involves variety of equipment / device types, software and other applications and platforms each comprising multi-vendor and multi-system in nature.  This places a huge weight upon the need for APIs lest network operators and service providers be forced to build and constantly enhance AI, security, and other core  functions into existing platforms, or even worse, change IoT Platforms.

One of the key areas for API support of IoT networks and systems is the Mediation Function.  The mediation function in ICT terms pertains to a function that routes or acts on information passing between network elements and network operations.

There are many areas that require inter-mediation in IoT including:

  • Platform to Platform
  • Platform to Device
  • Device to Device
  • Device to Cloud (include Fog Computing)
  • Device to Gateway

APIs will also support signaling, communications, and data exchange for certain critical functions necessary for the long-term scalability of IoT including:

  • IoT Identity Management: Access to an IoT Identity Database (IDBB)
  • IoT Permissions Management: Access to an IoT Permissions Database
  • IoT Device Discovery: Access to an IoT Device Discovery Database

Each of these individual areas are discussed in various Mind Commerce reports. For more information about IoT APIs specifically, see below:

Internet of Things API Marketplace: IoT API Use Cases, Solutions, Market Outlook and Forecasts 2017 - 2022 assesses the market challenges and opportunities associated with development and support of IoT APIs. The report evaluates leading companies, solutions, technologies, and use cases. The report also analyzes the role of IoT APIs in support of key functional components of the IoT Ecosystem including Identity Management, Mediation, and other operational support functions. The report includes detailed forecasts for IoT API revenue globally, regionally, and by industry verticals for the period 2017 to 2022.

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