RFID Solutions and Market Opportunities

Published: Dec 2012
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RFID Solutions and Market Opportunities is the most comprehensive RFID research package available in the market.

It includes many reports in the core area of RFID as well as Near Field Communications (NFC), Personal Area Networks (PAN), Ultra-wide Band (UWB), and related areas (see Table of Contents for full list).

This package represents complete market knowledge for service providers, suppliers, network operators, manufacturers, logistics companies, and more.

The bundle includes reports that cover everything from technology analysis to business case analysis to market segment analysis and forecasts.

Target Audience: 
  • RFID hardware, software, and solution vendors and related professional services companies
  • Outsourced RFID solutions and application providers, and RFID service bureau operators
  • Personnel responsible for automating Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Inventory Tracking, Fleet Management, Yard/Dock Management and other business processes
  • Healthcare management personnel responsible for tracking patients, staff personnel, equipment, inventory, and other critical resources
  • Retailers and personnel responsible for merchandise inventory and ordering processes, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Merchandise tracking and fraud prevention
  • Companies interested in optimizing their RFID business process strategies for Tracking and Telemetry with a special focus on large scale tracking.
  • Venture Capitalist and Startup companies
Table of Contents: 

This package includes the following reports/products:

Where is the Money in Near Field Communications?

RFID: Business Drivers Business Case Analysis and Business Plan

Near Field Communications (NFC) Markets: Challenges, Opportunities, and Market Forecast to 2016

Mobile Value Added Service (VAS): Markets, Applications, and Opportunities

RFID: Challenges and Opportunities

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Radio Frequency ID (RFID) Second Edition

Mobile Proximity and Location Based Advertising within Reach

RFID in Agriculture

RFID: Scope, Viability and Company Analysis

The Definitive Guide to RFID

The Definitive Guide to Personal Area Networks

Wireless Sensor Network Solutions with Case Analysis of Asia Pac Market

RFID in Tracking & Monitoring: In-depth Product & Service Analysis + Case Studies

Real-time Location Services (RTLS): Applications, Services and Company Analysis

Deploying a RFID Solution: Practical Case Studies and Business Plan

RFID Applications, Implementation, and Business Case Analysis with Predictions & Strategic Roadmap to 2014

RTLS: Applications, Services and Company Analysis

UWB: Technology, Applications, and Solutions

Wireless Sensor Networks: Solutions and Market Opportunities

Personal Area Networks: Solutions and Market Opportunities

ZigBee: A New Frontier for Low Cost Active RFID