Capital Expense Estimation for WiMAX Networks

Published: Oct 2007
Shiva Kavi
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If you are interested in deploying a WiMAX network then you are trying to figure out how much equipment you might need.

You are asking yourself questions such as:
“How much it might cost?”
“What impact does changing the coverage area have on the bottom line?”
“What impact does changing the data rate or throughput have?”

The answers to these questions depend upon the types of services you are planning to provide as well as the demographics of your intended coverage area. This publication provides a framework for answering these questions.

Table of Contents: 

Key Elements of a WiMAX Network.
WiMAX propagation..
Urban Area Planning.
Suburban Area Planning.
Rural Area Planning.
Capacity vs. Coverage.
Customer Location Issues.
Oversubscription as a Factor in Planning.
Coverage Comparisons: Urban vs. Rural
Estimating Base Stations for Capacity.
Urban Analysis.
Rural Analysis.
WiMAX Coverage.
Capital Expense Evaluation..
Subscribers and Revenue.
Capital Expense for BTS Deployment
Analysis Summary.

Table of Figures

Figure 1: Key elements of a WiMAX network
Figure 2: RF Signal propagation
Figure 3: Dense Urban Area
Figure 4: Urban Area
Figure 5: Suburban Area
Figure 6: Rural Area
Figure 7: Tradeoff between Coverage and Capacity
Figure 8: Where are the Customers Located?
Figure 9: Oversubscription
Figure 10: Coverage Example
Figure 11: Capacity Example
Figure 12: Equipment Pricing
Figure 13: Subscribers and Revenue
Figure 14: BTS count and Capex
Figure 15: Revenue vs. Capital Expense