Broadband Wireless Solutions and Market Opportunities

Published: Oct 2011
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This research package is comprised of comprehensive research addressing multiple wireless broadband technologies (LTE, WiMAX, WiFi, SON, and others), market analysis, business case assessment, company analysis, opportunity assessment, application evaluation, and more. It is a must have bundle of reports for anyone focused on broadband wireless business, market, and/or technology.

Target Audience: 
  • Cellular, wireless ISP's, cable TV MSO's, and fixed network service providers
  • WiFi and WiMAX vendors, start-ups, vendors, investors, and industry analysts
  • IP backbone service providers and VoIP service providers
  • Telecom regulators and government agencies
  • Enterprise telecom and IT managers
  • Municipal IT and telecom managers
Table of Contents: 

This report package consists of the following research:

LTE Strategy 2012 - 2017

Definitive Analysis of Broadband Wireless Networks: WiMax, WiFi, LTE, and 4G Infrastructure

Mobile Commerce in LTE: The Future of Commerce in 4G and Beyond

IMS Applications: Moving Beyond Voice over LTE (VoLTE)

Market Opportunity: Call Continuity in Voice over LTE (VoLTE)

Market Opportunity: mVoIP + Social + Presence

Free VoIP over Wireless vs. VoLTE

LTE Feasibility, Applications and Potential by Region 2011 to 2015

Global LTE Deployments 1Q 2011

5G: The NanoCore

Google IS Broadband

WiMAX Service Providers by Operator 2010

WiMAX Service Providers by Country 2010

Licensed and Unlicensed Spectrum Applied-Use: A Comparative Analysis

4G and WiMAX for the Smart Grid: Enabling Access, Applications and Affordability

Face Off: 802.11n WiFi vs. WiMAX - An Evaluation of Synergies and Opportunities

IP Multimedia Services over WiMAX: Opportunities for Service Providers and Corporations

WiMAX in Healthcare

WiMAX in Public Safety

WiMAX for Job Creation and Economic Development

Wireless Middle Mile Infrastructure Backhaul Solutions

WiMAX Business Planning Tool

WiMAX Service Providers: A Technical and Market Study

WiMAX: The Educational Broadband Services Solution

Solar & WiMAX Powered Video Surveillance Revolution: The Really Wireless Solution

Obama, WiMAX & 1 Mbps HDTV at 2008 Democratic National Convention (DNC)

Face-Off: IEEE 802.11n vs. WiMAX

Face-off: LTE vs. WiMAX

Wireless Broadband Services: WiMAX

WiMAX Network Deployment: Implementation and Trends


WiMAX in the Enterprise: Access, Applications and Affordability

Capital Expense Estimation for WiMAX Networks

WiMAX Security: Solutions for Secure 802.16